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33Third (..Shoo.. Handstyle) #Art #Sticker

..33Third.. In ..Shoo.. Handstyle Written by ..Shoo.. on a Montana paint "HELLO my nane is" Sticker. ..Shoo..

"My World, My Mind" ..Shoo.. #twitterartexhibit

"My World, My Mind"  (4" X 6" Painting)
by #ArtistShoo
For Twitter Art Exhibit #twitterartexhibit Artists worldwide contribute postcard-sized, handmade artwork sold to the public. All proceeds are donated to charity. | Twitter @twitrartexhibit | Facebook /TwitterArtExhibit

"Dexter and Politics" ..Shoo.. Finished

"Dexter and Politics"
Is the serial killer that kills serial killers, worse than the serial killers that kill the innocent? OR Is he a Hero to the people he has avenged, and the possible future victims he has saved? Why is one better than the other.. You have to look at the evidence for yourself.. then make up your own mind..
Painting on 18" X 24" Canvas  by

Finished "Special Moments In Your Mind" ..Shoo..

"Special Moments In Your Mind"
Bakshi sharing a special moment with one of his creations
3 ft. X 4 ft. Canvas Painting By