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33Third (..Shoo.. Handstyle) #Art #Sticker

..33Third.. In ..Shoo.. Handstyle Written by ..Shoo.. on a Montana paint "HELLO my nane is" Sticker. ..Shoo..

"My World, My Mind" ..Shoo.. #twitterartexhibit

"My World, My Mind"  (4" X 6" Painting) by #ArtistShoo For   Twitter Art Exhibit #twitterartexhibit Artists worldwide contribute postcard-sized, handmade artwork sold to the public. All proceeds are donated to charity.  | Twitter  @twitrartexhibit  | Facebook  /TwitterArtExhibit

"Dexter and Politics" ..Shoo.. Finished

"Dexter and Politics" ( Accidental )   Political Symbolism Is the serial killer that kills serial killers, worse than the serial killers that kill the innocent? OR Is he a Hero to the people he has avenged, and the possible future victims he has saved?     Why is one better than the other.. You have to l ook at the evidence for yourself.. then  make up your own mind.. Painting on 18" X 24" Canvas  by #ArtistShoo

Finished "Special Moments In Your Mind" ..Shoo..

"Special Moments In Your Mind" Bakshi sharing a special moment with one of his creations 3 ft. X 4 ft. Canvas Painting By ..Shoo.. SOLD